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Year: 1994 
Call No: P.LAX.C.1 
Year: 1978 
Call No: P.LEO.D.1 
"Master Harold"... and the boys 
Year: 1982 
Call No: P.FUG.M.1 
15 International One-Act Plays 
Year: 1969 
ISBN: 0671468685 
ISBN 13: 9780671468682 
Call No: P.GAS.I.1 
19th Century Russian Drama 
Year: 1963 
Call No: P.MAC.N.2 
42 seconds from broadway 
Year: 1973 
Call No: P.GRA.F.2 
5 plays 
Year: 1961 
Series: Mermaid Dramabook 
Call No: P.COC.F.1 
50 great scenes for student actors 
Year: 1970 
Call No: P.OLF.F.3 
6 Rms Riv Vu 
Year: 1973 
Call No: P.RAN.S.1 
A Black Quartet: Four new black plays 
Year: 1970 
Call No: P.CAL.A.1