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A trumpet for Nap 
Year: 1973 
Call No: P.DOR.A.1 
A view from the bridge 
Year: 1960 
Call No: P.MIL.A.1 
A Visitor from Charleston 
Year: 1975 
Call No: P.RIT.A.1 
A... my name is Alice 
Year: 1985 
Call No: P.SIL.A.1 
a.k.a. Jesus Christ 
Year: 1972 
Call No: P.MAN.A.1 
Abe Lincoln in Illinois 
Year: 1939 
Call No: P.SHE.A.1 
Aberhart Summer, The  
Edition: playRites '99 edition 
Year: 1999 
Call No: P.MAS.A.1 
Act of God 
Year: 2001 
ISBN: 0887546056 
ISBN 13: 9780887546051 
Call No: P.ORE.A.1 
Call No: P.GAM.A.1 
Adam and Eve and after 
ISBN: 0887542832 
ISBN 13: 9780887542831 
Call No: P.BRE.A.1