Publisher: Playwrights Union of Canada [ All ]

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  Title Copies
Year: 1994 
Call No: P.LAX.C.1 
As I Am 
Edition: Production Draft 
Year: 1986 
ISBN: 1551550032 
Call No: P.STE.A.1 
Automatic Pilot 
Year: 1980 
ISBN: 088754214X 
ISBN 13: 9780887542145 
Call No: P.RIT.A.2 
Bedtimes and bullies 
Year: 1987 
Call No: P.FOO.B.1 
Beyond the End of Your Nose 
Edition: 1ST 
Year: 1985 
ISBN: 0887543790 
ISBN 13: 9780887543791 
Call No: P.HEN.B.1 
In the cards of the reluctant psychic 
Year: 1989 
Call No: P.RUS.I.2 
My Darling Judith 
Year: 1987 
Call No: P.FOS.M.1 
Neck-breaking Car-hop 
ISBN: 1551553600 
Call No: P.LEM.N.1 
Queen of the Cadillac 
ISBN: 1551554267 
Call No: P.STE.Q.1 
Strategies : The Business of Being a Playwright in Canada 
Year: 2000 
ISBN: 1551736748 
ISBN 13: 9781551736747 
Call No: B.RUS.S.1