The Second City: Backstage at the World's Greatest Comedy Theater (book with 2 audio CDs)

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"The entire recent tradition of American theatrical satire can be summed up in three words: The Second City."--New York TimesMany of comedy's biggest stars cut their teeth at The Second City. Learn all of the backstage details--the laughs, loves, struggles, successes, fights and failures that have made Second City such a fertile ground for comedy over the years. And hear Second City's most outrageous and hilarious live performances on two audio CDs narrated by Robert Klein.Hear:--John Belushi try to bluff his way through an oral exam to avoid the draft--Mike Myers as a Canadian border guard who "closes" Canada--Bonnie Hunt singing "Up, Up And Away" as an annoying "on-hold" entertainer--John Candy playing Dan Aykroyd's rebellious, hockey-hating sonAnd read about:--Bill Murray demonstrating the proper way to deal with a heckler--Alan Arkin's pre-Second City days as a troubadour with The Tarriers--Where Gilda Radner first came up with "Emily Litella"--How Second City alum Martin Short "discovered" Mike MyersSince 1959, The Second City has been producing cutting-edge satire and wickedly funny improvisation, while keeping countless individuals of questionable character off the streets for a couple of hours each night. It has also trained thousands of young performers in the art of improv-based theater.The Second City recounts the early years of the comedy troupe's biggest stars, including John Belushi, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Mike Myers, Gilda Radner, Alan Arkin, Joan Rivers, David Steinberg, Robert Klein, Chris Farley, Martin Short and John Candy, as well as some of today's hottest directors, like Harold Ramis (Analyze This), Mike Nichols (The Birdcage), Betty Thomas (Private Parts) and Bonnie Hunt (Return to Me).Author Sheldon Patinkin, one of Second City’s founding fathers, tells the story of Second City like no else can--with rare photos, profiles and backstage stories you were never supposed to hear. The Second City is both funnier and more poignant than you could have imagined. The book includes two full-length audio CDs containing hilarious classic scenes like:--"Football Comes to the University of Chicago" (with Alan Arkin and Severn Darden)--"Brest Litovsk" (with John Belushi and Joe Flaherty)--"Motivational Speaker" (with Chris Farley, Tim Meadows and Bob Odenkirk)Plus new, never-before-heard material that will leave your sides aching. - from Amzon 
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