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5 plays 
Year: 1961 
Series: Mermaid Dramabook 
Call No: P.COC.F.1 
Brecht on Theatre: The Development of an Aesthetic 
Edition: 13th 
Year: 1977 
ISBN: 0809005425 
ISBN 13: 9780809005420 
Call No: B.BRE.B.1 
Burn this 
Year: 1987 
Call No: P.WIL.B.5 
Camille and Other Plays: A Peculiar Position; The Glass of Water; La Dame aux Camélias; Olympe's Marriage; A Scrap of Paper 
Year: 1990 
ISBN: 0809007061 
ISBN 13: 9780809007066 
Call No: P.STA.C.1 
End of the world 
Year: 1984 
Series: Mermaid Dramabook 
Call No: P.KOP.E.1 
Jean Giraudoux: Four Plays: Volume 1 (Ondine, Enchanted, Madwoman of Challot, Apollo of Bellac) 
Year: 1958 
ISBN: 0809007126 
ISBN 13: 9780809007127 
Call No: P.GIR.J.1 
Serenading Louie 
Year: 1984 
Call No: P.WIL.S.3 
The Angry Theatre 
Edition: first edition 
Year: 1962 
Call No: B.TAY.A.1 
The Chinese wall. A farce 
Year: 1961 
Series: Spotlight dramabook 
Call No: P.FRI.C.1.2 
The Spanish tragedy (The New mermaids) 
Year: 1970 
ISBN: 0809011182 
ISBN 13: 9780809011186 
Call No: P.KYD.S.1