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From the American drama 
Edition: edited by Eric Bentley 
Year: 1956 
Call No: P.BEN.F.1 
Ten Plays 
Year: 1960 
Series: Bantam Classic 
Call No: P.EUR.T.1.1 
Euripides I 
Edition: edited by David Grene and Richmond Lattimore 
Series: The Complete Greek Tragedies 
Call No: P.EUR.E.1 
Don't push the panic button: A Collection of short one-act comedies 
Year: 1963 
Call No: P.MAR.D.1 
Ghelderode: Seven Plays (Volume One) 
Year: 1960 
ISBN: 0809007193 
ISBN 13: 9780809007196 
Call No: P.DEG.G.1 
The Golden age 
Edition: edited and translated by Norris Houghton 
Year: 1963 
Series: Laurel Masterpieces of continental drama Volume 1 
Call No: P.VEG.G.1 
The Bacchae and other plays 
Year: 1984 
ISBN: 0140440445 
Series: Penguin Classics 
Call No: P.EUR.B.1 
Talking to a stranger: Four Television plays 
Edition: Second Edition 
Year: 1969 
Series: Penguin Modern Playwrights 
Call No: P.HOP.T.1 
Tartuffe and other plays 
Year: 1967 
Series: Signet Classic 
Call No: P.MOL.T.1 
Five Plays 
Year: 1960 
Series: Penguin Classics 
Call No: P.MOL.F.1