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A Taste of Honey 
Year: 1959 
ISBN: 0394174801 
ISBN 13: 9780394174808 
Call No: P.DEL.A.1.1 
A taste of honey 
Year: 1959 
Call No: P.DEL.A.1.2 
A Taste of Honey: A Play 
Edition: 7th 
Year: 1994 
ISBN: 0802131859 
ISBN 13: 9780802131850 
Call No: P.DEL.A.1.3 
A Theater Divided: The Postwar American Stage 
Year: 1967 
Call No: B.GOT.T.1 
A Thousand Clowns; A comedy in three acts 
Year: 1962 
Call No: P.GAR.A.1 
A Thurber Carnival 
Year: 1962 
Call No: P.THU.A.1 
A tide of voices ; and, Whisperings in the grass: Two full length plays 
Year: 1979 
ISBN 13: 9780573600425 
Call No: P.GRA.A.1 
A Toi, Pour Toujours, Ta Marie-Lou (Theatre Canadien) 
Year: 1971 
ISBN: 0776100203 
ISBN 13: 9780776100203 
Call No: P.TRE.A.2 
A touch of God in the golden age 
Year: 1972 
Call No: P.PAL.A.1 
A trumpet for Nap 
Year: 1973 
Call No: P.DOR.A.1